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This measurement indicates the percentage of jobseekers utilizing the services provided through the McHenry County Workforce Network who have retained employment for one year. This metric is a mandatory reporting requirement on the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act reports and is a performance standard upon which the program is measured by the US DOL and Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO). Although the success of the job seeker is dependent on their performance and actions post hiring, this measurement is indicative of Workforce Network’s pre-hiring services including training programs, applicant/workplace readiness and candidate development services. The higher this percentage, the more successful the Workforce Network programs are at meeting the needs of the participating job seekers and the needs of the businesses.

Why Is It Important

  • Employment is essential to the health and prosperity of any economy. Workforce Network provides various training, services and opportunities to jobseekers in need such as dislocated workers, returning workers, at-risk young adults and underutilized populations. The training and programming is developed pursuant to objectives of Federal and State Workforce plans and tailored to meet the specific training needs of McHenry County businesses and industries. Participants who are employed and retained for one year or more have developed career skills necessary to be successful in the workplace. Similarly, our businesses need an available, skilled workforce to meet their needs and contribute to the company’s success.
  • As wage earners, Workforce Network program participants are better positioned to meet the economic needs of themselves and their families and contribute to the local economy by way of income and sales taxes. This, in turn, reduces or outright eliminates their need for other public welfare services.

Relationship to Strategic Plan Long-Term Goal: Operate at the Lowest Possible Tax Levy

This indicator addresses several goals and objectives identified in the McHenry County Strategic Plan. Tailoring workforce training programs to the needs of the local businesses directly ties into Economic and Workforce Development Goal 2 Match the skills of the population with the needs of the businesses Objective A - Evaluate the business needs and match funds to training that will meet those needs and also Objective B – Explore public-private training and education partnerships to improve the skills on the McHenry County workforce. Further, employment allows a worker to contribute to the revenues of federal, state and local governments and reduce the reliance on public welfare service that are a cost to the County. This, therefore, helps McHenry County to operate at the lowest possible property tax levy.


This data point is calculated by way of an analysis of the number of Workforce Network program participants that successfully gain and retain employment for one year in proportion to the total participation for the given period. The current indicator is based on a program year 2018 Q4 report which calculates a relevant Youth Employment Rate of 75.00%, an Adult Employment Rate of 68.18% and a Displaced Worker Employment Rate of 84.13%.


Below is a chart that shows the Program Year 2018 as it compares to Program Years 2016 and 2017. Program Years run from July 1 to June 30.

 Program Year 2018  Negotiated Goal  90% Threshold  Actual Outcome  Status
 Youth Employment Rate Q4 (YER4)  65.00%  58.50%  75.00%  EXCEED
 Adult Employment Rate Q4 (AER4)  75.00%  67.50%  68.18%  MEET
 Displaced Worker Employment Rate Q4 (DER4)  76.00%  68.40%  84.13%  EXCEED
Program Year 2017  Negotiated Goal  90% Threshold  Actual Outcome  Status
 Youth Employment Rate Q4 (YER4)  65.00%  58.50%  61.90%  MEET
 Adult Employment Rate Q4 (AER4)  75.00%  67.50%  86.36%  EXCEED
 Displaced Worker Employment Rate Q4 (DER4)  75.00%  67.50%  76.79%  EXCEED
 Program Year 2016  Negotiated Goal  90% Threshold  Actual Outcome  Status
 Youth Employment Rate Q4 (YER4)  65.00%  58.50%  63.27%  MEET
 Adult Employment Rate Q4 (AER4)  75.00%  67.50%  83.33%  EXCEED
 Displaced Worker Employment Rate Q4 (DER4)  75.00%  67.50%  78.57%  EXCEED


WN Percent Employed 2018

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