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Percent of PUSH Scores Improved

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Since the beginning of the PUSH Program in November of 2017, 39% of participants in the high or moderate risk groups have improved their PUSH scores meaning that their overall health has improved.

PUSH Percentages

Why Is It Important?

• PUSH for Wellness encourages and educates employees on becoming healthier. If an employee participates in the PUSH program and achieves certain levels of healthiness, he or she can receive a rebate on his or her health insurance premiums paid for by the PUSH Company.

• PUSH for Wellness encourages employees to engage in preventative healthcare, which can save employees from deadly diseases like cancer.

• Healthier employees can be happier, more comfortable and more productive workers.

• Healthier employees take less sick time, which requires the County to pay not only the sick employee, but the employee that needs to cover the sick employee’s shift. This also may cause overtime expenses.

• Healthier employees can lead to lower health insurance costs.

Relationship to Strategic Plan Long-Term Goal: Operate at the Lowest Possible Tax Levy

McHenry County, like many larger organizations, pays for lower cost Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance along with a secondary insurance, IPBC, to cover extraordinary employee health insurance claims over a capped amount. When employees are engaging preventative medicine such as annual physicals, they can catch health issues early, before they become dangerous and costly medical problems like cancers, heart attacks, and Type II Diabetes. As McHenry County employees treat and manage their health before conditions become severe, McHenry County’s IPBC insurance premiums will decrease because McHenry County will be regarded as a low-risk entity.  Also, 25% of McHenry County’s insured employees participate in the PUSH program, which started in November of 2017. If all employees improve their PUSH scores, then the County stands to receive $25,000 for additional wellness programs to further improve the health and well-being of the County's employees.


McHenry County started its participation in the PUSH for Wellness Program in November of 2017. PUSH employees will be reevaluated in November of 2018 and annually thereafter. Success will be tracked by the average PUSH score of McHenry County employees. If the PUSH score increases it will correlate with the employees as a whole becoming healthier. The County will also note savings on the County’s share of insurance premiums due to the Wellness Program as it comes due.


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