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Reduction of County Paper Usage

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McHenry County has reduced its paper consumption by 390 reams from the third quarter of Fiscal Year 2018 to the third quarter of the Fiscal Year 2019.  This measurement records the success of the County's paperless systems by measuring change in the County's paper consumption and the resulting cost savings. The 390 ream difference in paper consumption between the third quarters of Fiscal Year 2018 and Fiscal Year 2019 is equal to 195,000 sheets of paper and represents a quarterly savings of $536.00.  From Fiscal Year 2017 to Fiscal Year 2018, there was a 3.13% reduction in overall paper usage for a total savings of $15,433.44. This is important because it saves the taxpayers' money and helps the environment by diverting paper from landfills. 

 Why is it important?

  • Paperless systems allow County departments to complete their duties more efficiently.
  • Paperless systems help the County to develop and maintain electronic files that are easy to share with other departments.
  • Paperless systems more efficiently use the County's storage space.
  • Reducing paper usage can result in savings.
  • Using less paper means less paper in landfills.

Relationship to the Strategic Plan Long-Term Goal: Operate at the Lowest Possible Tax Levy

Whenever the County reduces a long-term cost, that money, for the most part, does not have to be levied on the taxpayers in the next property tax levy. While smaller cost savings may not be felt by individual taxpayers, overtime, the taxpayers will benefit from the cumulative effect.


McHenry County has implemented several paperless process/technology improvements in 2018 such as:

  • The Auditor's Decentralized Scanning Policy;
  • The Treasurer's Electronic Reminders;
  • The Health Department Electronic Record System;
  • The County Clerk's VitalChek Software;
  • The County Recorder's MyDec Software;
  • Probation & Court Services' electronic court monitoring completion filings for approximately 1,750 clients annually; and
  • The 22nd Judicial Circuit's transition to an electronic filing system with controlled electronic data exchanges between the Courts, the Circuit Clerk, the State's Attorney's Office, the Public Defender and IT.

Each of these initiatives should reduce the County's paper consumption over time. The County has not made substantial changes in county-wide service levels, so the reduction in paper needs can be attributed directly to these initiatives. Paper is purchased centrally in the County under one contract to save money.  Requiring fewer cases of paper under this contract should indicate success of the initiatives.  This measurement will be updated quarterly.


 Reams of Paper 9.19

Overall, there has been a 390 ream reduction in paper usage between the third quarter of Fiscal Year 2018 and the third quarter of Fiscal Year 2019. From Fiscal Year 2017 to Fiscal Year 2018, there has been a 3.13% reduction in paper usage for a total savings of $15,433.44.

 Dollars Spent on Paper 9.19

The County has reduced its paper costs by $536.00 between the third quarter of Fiscal Year 2018 and the third quarter of Fiscal Year 2019, a 5% reduction in costs despite the price of paper for Fiscal Year 2019 increasing by $1.00 to $25.00 per case. For Fiscal Year 2018, the County reduced its paper costs by $15,433.44, a 27% reduction. It should be noted that the County has succeeded in procuring cases of paper for $24.00 dollars each in 2018 down from $30.88 in 2017.