Regional Office of Education - Leslie Schermerhorn, Regional Superintendent of Schools

Statutory Responsibilities

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State law requires Regional Superintendents to assume certain duties, including:
  • To exercise supervision and control over all school districts in the County and advise in controversies under law;
  • To distribute general state aid and categorical funds;
  • To evaluate and file school treasurers' bonds;
  • To notify districts of monies sent to school treasurers;
  • To issue and register teaching and administrative certificates;
  • To assume responsibility for suspension of teaching and administrative certificates;
  • To assume responsibility relative to holding institute or in-service training;
  • To coordinate and deliver in-service training for school bus drivers;
  • To enforce health/life safety standards in all school buildings;
  • To cause a review of school construction plans and specifications for remodeling, school additions, and new school construction for compliance with applicable codes;
  • To issue school construction permits as above;
  • To direct cooperative education programs;
  • To appoint a truant officer;
  • To maintain an annual census of school districts;
  • To maintain a map of school districts within the county;
  • To act as secretary to the Regional Board of School Trustees;
  • To assume responsibility for certain scholarships;
  • To give notice of regular or special elections;
  • To act as custodian of school-related documents for the State of Illinois;
  • To file poll books and election returns;
  • To report annually to the County Board and the State Board of Education regarding the activities of the Office and the condition of the schools;
  • To respond to questions, including legal questions, from parents, teachers, administrators, boards of education and other citizens of the region; and
  • To provide continuing professional development opportunities for administration, staff development in the fundamental learning areas, technology staff development, gifted education program assistance, and other services identified through regional needs assessment.