Regional Office of Education - Leslie Schermerhorn, Regional Superintendent of Schools

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The McHenry County Regional Office of Education acts as an advocate for education by providing positive leadership, performing regulatory functions directed by the Illinois School Code and the Illinois State Board of Education, coordinating and delivering state and local services, and disseminating information for educators, school districts, and the community.

Legislative Development of the Office

The Regional Superintendent of Schools is the direct successor to the Commissioner of School Lands, an office that originally had nothing to do with the supervision of schools. A short overview of the development of the office follows:

  • 1828: The Sixth General Assembly made it the duty of the body known as the County Board to appoint a competent and responsible person to act as commissioner and agent for the county, in the sale of public lands.
  • 1841: The legislature changed the title and duties of the County Commissioner to County Commissioner and Ex-Officio County Superintendent of Schools.
  • 1865: The legislature called for election rather than appointment of the County Superintendent of Schools. The Secretary of State acted as State Superintendent of Schools.
  • Until 1973: there were 102 elected County Superintendents in Illinois, one for each county.
  • 1973: Consolidation mandated by legislation to create 78 regions among 102 counties.
  • 1977: Further consolidation by legislative mandate created 57 regions among 102 counties.
  • 1994: Legislation passed that eliminated the office of Regional Superintendent in Cook County as of June 30, 1994. Subsequent law allowed for re-establishment of a suburban Cook County region as of August 7, 1995.
  • 1995: The 57 Educational Service Regions were reduced to 45 and the services of the 14 Educational Service Centers are assumed by the largest Regional Offices of Education. McHenry County forms KIDS Consortium with Boone/Winnebago and DeKalb Counties.


County and Regional Superintendent of Schools, McHenry County 

1841-1843 Charles Hastings
1843-1845 Peter Dietz
1845-1847 Major T. Irwin  
1847-1849 Phineas W. Platt  
1849-1854 Reverend R. K. Todd  
1854-1855 M.T. Hutchinson
1855-1859 Asa W. Smith  
1859-1861   Alvin Brown  
1861-1863   Theodore Mead  
1863-1865   Thomas Ercanbrack  
1865-1869 A.J. Kingman  
1869-1873   G.S. Southworth  
1873-1877   William Nickle  
1877-1881 A.W. Young  
1881-1883 D.D. Baldwin  
1884-1890   Lester Barber  
1890-1902   W.E. Wire  
1902-1910   George W. Conn  
1910-1922 A.M. Shelton  
1922-1924   Hattie Dake  
1924-1943   Ethel Coe  
1943-1945 Mary Endres  
1945-1949   Roland McCannon  
1949-1975   R.L. Tazewell  
1975-1983   Edward W. Hall  
1983-1987   O.C. O’Hara  
1987-1988 Richard McDowell  
1988-1994   Leslie Hellemann  
1994-2005   Donald R. Englert  
2005 - 2011 Eugene Goeglein  
2012 - Present  Leslie Schermerhorn