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  • Can I make a partial payment on my bill?

    Illinois law will not allow us to accept partial payments. If we receive a partial payment we will return it to you.
  • Can I use my credit card for payment?

    You may pay by phone, internet or in the Treasurer’s office with Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express. Instructions are enclosed with your tax bill. There is approximately a 2.5% fee that is charged by the credit card company. The county receives no part of this fee.
  • Can't Find it in our FAQ's Page?

    Go to the Departments List or e-mail us for more information.
  • Do you honor postmark?

    Yes, as long as the postmark is made by the post office, and not by a metered postal machine. The payment must be dated by midnight of the due date in order to avoid penalty costs. 
  • Election: How do I become an Election Judge?

    The information on how to become an Election Judge can be found County Clerks Judge of Elections web page
  • Election: How do I determine what grace period registration is?

    That information regarding what grace period registration is can be found here
  • Election: How do I know if I am registered to vote?

    That information can be found on the Illinois State Board of Elections website
  • Election: What precinct I live in?

    To view precinct’s you live in click here
  • Election: Where can I find information on the election process?

    That information can be found on the County Clerk's Election web page

  • Election: Where can I learn more about Absentee Voting?

    That information can be found on the County Clerk's Election web page
  • How and where can I pay my tax bill?

    Mail your tax bill payment to:

    McHenry County Collector
    2200 N Seminary Ave
    Woodstock Il 60098
    Or use the envelope provided

    Pay in person at:

    McHenry County Treasurer Office
    2100 N. Seminary Avenue
    Woodstock Il 60098
    Located at the southeast corner of Route 47 and Russell Court
    With drive through service and 24 hour drop box service available

    Pay online:

    Using a credit card or direct withdrawal at (fees apply)

    Pay by phone:

    Using a credit card or direct withdrawal with the automated service at 877-309-9309 (fees apply)

    Most McHenry County banks accept payment. Check with your local bank to verify they accept real estate tax payments. Note Credit Card payments are not accepted at the banks.
  • How can I find information regarding Jail/Inmate Visitation?

    For information regarding Jail/Inmate Visitation please visit the McHenry County Sheriff's Office website.
  • How can I have a public defender appointed to my case?

    At your next court appearance, ask the judge to appoint a public defender.
  • How can I pay my Property Taxes online?

    Property Taxes can be paid for online or at the Treasurer's Office.
  • How can I prepare for an Emergency?

    Visit the Emergency Preparedness site for information regarding preparing for an emergency.
  • How can I receive assistance with Child Support?

    For information regarding Child Support please visit the Circuit Clerk's website.
  • How can I view and apply for a job with McHenry County?

    Click here to view open positions along with applying for a position with McHenry County Government Center. 
  • How do I Adopt an Animal?

    To view information regarding Animal Adoption please visit the Animal Control website.
  • How do I apply for Returning Veteran's Homestead Exemption?

    Returning Veteran's Homestead Exemption forms can be found on the Assessments website.
  • How Do I become a Volunteer for Emergency Management?

    To view Volunteer Divisions within the Emergency Management Department or just to learn more about the different divisions please visit the Emergency Management website.
  • How do I contact the Courts?

  • How do I contact the McHenry County Valley Hi Nursing Home?

    Valley Hi Nursing Home Contact by phone: (815) 338-0312 or by fax: (815) 338-0458.  For the address or driving directions please click here.


  • How do I contact the Probation/Court Services Department?

    The Probation/Court Services Department can be contact by Phone at: (815) 334-4400 or by Fax: (815) 338-8895
  • How do I Contact the Sheriff's Office?

    Please visit the Sheriff's Office website.
  • How do I contact the State's Attorney Office?

    The States Attorney can be contacted by the following:

    McHenry County State's Attorney, Louis A. Bianchi 
    McHenry County Government Center
    2200 N. Seminary Avenue, Suite 150 
    Woodstock, IL 60098 
    Phone: 815/334-4159 
    Fax: 815/337-0872  

  • How do I find Road Closures in McHenry County?

    To view road closures in McHenry County please visit the Division of Transportation's website.
  • How do I get a receipt for my payment?

    You can obtain an email receipt by registering your email address at prior to making a payment. Or bring your entire bill to the Treasurer’s Office or your financial institution to have the back of the bill stamped paid.
  • How do I obtain assistance with a job resume?

    To receive assistance with resumes, please visit the McHenry County Workforce Network website.
  • How do I pay my court fine's online?

    To pay your court fine's online click here
  • How do I post Bond?

    Bond may be posted for inmates 24 hours a day at the McHenry County Sheriff's Department Correctional Bureau facility. Acceptable payment methods are listed below: 
    • Cash
    • Traveler's Checks
    • MasterCard, Visa or Discover (a fee on the use of credit cards will be charged)
    • Cashier's checks will only be accepted after being approved on a case-by-case basis by the Circuit Clerk's Office. The correctional division must receive notification of the approval from the Circuit Clerk's Office before the cashier's check will be accepted for bond.

    Effective July 7, 2003, a $28.00 bail bond processing fee will be assessed when bond is posted at the McHenry County Sheriff's Department Correctional Bureau facility. This fee is being collected pursuant to McHenry County Ordinance No. 0-9901-32-08.
  • How do I Schedule a Marriage Ceremony at the Court House?

    For information regarding marriage ceremonies please visit the County Clerk's website.
  • How do I view the County's Audit Reports?

    To view the McHenry County Audit Reports visit the Auditors website.

  • How does my mortgage company know what my property taxes are?

    The mortgage company sends an email requesting the amount of your real estate tax bill. The mortgage company will then forward payment to the Treasurer’s office. 

  • I bought my house in the middle of the year. Why do I have to pay taxes on a whole year?

    Property is taxed not the individual. Taxes are based on the calendar year and the prior year’s assessment. Prorating of the tax bill between the buyer and the seller, based on the length of ownership, is generally done at the time the property changes hands and is written into the contract. The new owner should read their closing papers for the prorated tax credit.
  • I have questions about the exemptions available to me?

    The Supervisor of Assessments is responsible for a variety of exemptions, legal descriptions, mapping, and address clarifications, as well as the filing of assessment complaints. Information is available on their website at Assessments or can be reached at 815-334-4290.
  • I have questions about the tax rates for my area, who do I contact?

    Tax rates are determined by your taxing bodies, for example: schools, libraries, fire departments. Contact them directly with questions.
  • I have questions about the value of my property, who do I contact?

    Your local township assessor can help explain the assessed value of your property. The following link will provide you with township assessor contact information. Township Assessor Information Web Page 

  • I refinanced my mortgage recently. If there is a mix-up and my taxes aren't paid on time, how will I know?

    Check online at for the current status of your taxes or call our office. Thirty days before any delinquent taxes are sent to the tax sale, certified letters are sent to property owners informing them of the dates and penalties involved regarding any current unpaid taxes.
  • If my taxes are sold at tax sale will I lose my property?

    It could eventually lead to the loss of your property, but only if the tax lien remains unpaid over two years.
  • My mortgage company and I both paid the taxes due on the same installment. Will you send the double payment back to me?

    The first payment is applied and any additional payment(s) are refunded to the maker of the duplicate payment.
  • My mortgage company holds money in escrow to pay my property taxes. If they pay them late, who is responsible to pay penalties and late fees?

    When lenders hold money in escrow for property tax payments, it is their obligation to pay the taxes on time, and for the appropriate amount. In cases where a mistake is made, the lender is responsible for all penalties and fees. These fees are to come out of their corporate account, not the escrow account and must be included when the tax payment is made.
  • Real Estate/Taxes: Has my Senior Citizen Homestead Exemption been processed?

    That information can be received by contacting the Assessment Department at (815)334.4290 or by e-mail
  • Real Estate/Taxes: How do I apply for the Sr Citizen Homestead Exemption?

    The Assessment Department process the Sr Citizen Homestead Exemptions. More information can be found at the Assessment Department website
  • Real Estate/Taxes: How do I change the address on my Tax Bill?

    That information can be received by contacting the Assessment Department at (815)334.4290 or by e-mail
  • Real Estate/Taxes: Where can I find current and past property tax information?

    Tax information is kept in the Treasurer’s office. More information is available on the Treasurer's site.
  • Should I just have my tax bill sent to my mortgage company?

    We always mail the bill to the property owner. You may forward the bill to your bank if you wish. If in doubt whether you need to forward your bill for payment, contact your mortgage company.
  • The mailing address on my tax bill is incorrect, how do I change it?

    The Supervisor of Assessments office does all address corrections and can be reached at 815-334-4290. Changing the address requires a signature. The following link will provide the necessary form. Township Assessor Information Change of Address Form.
  • What are the hours for the Treasurer's Office?

    Office hours are Monday - Friday 7:15am - 5:15pm
  • What if I am unable to pay my taxes?

    Since all property taxes in the county must be paid each year, delinquent taxes are offered at a tax sale in the fall. At this time, tax buyers bid for the opportunity to pay delinquent taxes, and acquire a lien on the property. This lien must be paid back to the tax buyer through the County Clerk’s office at whatever rate of interest the successful bidder established upon winning the bid. You can contact the County Clerk at 815-334-4242.
  • What if I have to pay my taxes late?

    State law requires that after the due date a late penalty is added at the rate of 1.5% per month or part of a month and increases every 30 days until the date of tax sale. 

  • What should I do if I never received or I lost my tax bill?

    If you did not receive a tax bill during the month of May, or if you lost your bill, you may call our office at 815-334-4260, or obtain a copy of your bill on the internet at

    Remember: Failure to receive your tax bill does not void the tax or prevent the addition of penalties and costs.
  • Where can I apply for a Building Permit?

    You apply for building permits through the Department of Planning and Development's Building Division. Permit information is available on the Planning and Development website.

  • Where can I apply for Disabled Persons Homestead Exemption?

    Homestead Exemption for Persons with Disabilities forms can be found on the Assessments website.

  • Where can I file a claim for Unemployment Insurance?

    The McHenry County Workforce Center can assist McHenry County Citizens in filing for Unemployment Insurance. The IL Department of Employment Security is located at 500 Russel Court / Woodstock, IL 60098 and be can reach at (815)338-7100 extension 508.
  • Where can I find a guide for Emergency Preparedness?

    Emergency Management has Preparedness guides (Family Disaster Plan, Tornado Facts, etc.)
  • Where can I find assistance with my utility bills?

    McHenry County Housing has a Utility Assistance Program. The organization is not affiliated with the Government Center, however they can be reached at (815)338-7752.
  • Where can I find Ethics Commission Information?

    Information regarding Ethics Commission can be found here.
  • Where can I find information about the Women, Infant and Children's (WIC) program?

    To find information regarding the WIC program and who can qualify please visit the McHenry County Department of Health's website.
  • Where can I find information on housing financial aid?

    That information can be found by calling the Corporation for Affordable Homes at (815)206-5805.
  • Where can I find information to receive Community/Safety Alerts electronically?

    Information and sign-up for Community/Safety electronic alert can be found on the McHenry County Sheriff's website.
  • Where can I find information to request for Tax Parcel Combination or Division?

    Tax Parcel Combination or Division forms can be found on the Assessments website.

  • Where can I find McHenry County's Most Wanted?

    To view the TOP 10 Fugitives of McHenry County.
  • Where can I find out about Bridge Weight Limits?

    Information regarding Bridge Weight Limits can be found on the Division of Transportation website.
  • Where can I find passport information?

    The County Treasure can process passport applications for more information on cost go to the Treasurer's site.
  • Where can I find the County's Current Budget?

    To view the McHenry County's current budget please visit the County Administration's website.
  • Where can I find the Current RFPs/Bids?

    To view the current RFPs/Bids please visit the Purchasing Department website.
  • Where can I get information regarding Veteran's Assistance?

    For information regarding Veteran's Assistance please visit the Veterans Assistance Commission's website.
  • Where can I obtain an Overweight or Oversize Truck Route Permit?

    Overweight and Oversize Truck Permits can be found on the Division of Transportation website.
  • Where can I view Awarded RFPs/Bids?

    To view the Awarded RFPs/Bids please visit the Purchasing Department's website.
  • Where can I view current McHenry County Press Releases?

    That information can be found under the About Us/Department Press Releases

  • Where can I view my court date and case information?

    That information can be found here.

  • Where do I apply for a Major or Minor Access Permit?

    Major and Minor Access Permit applications can be found on the Division of Transportation's website.
  • Where do I find information about Birth, Death and Marriage certificates?

    The County Clerk's office keeps all vital records for the county. Information and request forms can be found at that departments site. County Clerk's website.
  • Where do I find information regarding scheduling immunization Appointments?

    Information regarding scheduling immunization appointments can be found on the Health Departments website.
  • Where do I find information to report a Bad Check?

    To report a Bad Check or view information regarding the State's Attorney Bad Check Program please visit the State's Attorney website.
  • Where do I go to find information on county meetings?

    That information can be found on the County Meetings page - lists the links to the various county meetings calendars, agendas, etc..