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Valley Hi Rebate FAQ

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Valley Hi Nursing Home, McHenry County's long-term skilled nursing facility, has amassed a fund surplus of approximately $40 million, or enough to cover more than three years of operations. After months of discussion, the McHenry County Board voted on April 16, 2019, to rebate $15 million of it back to homeowners who take the homestead exemption. The Illinois Fiscal Responsibility Act provides the process by which surplus funds can be rebated. The Valley Hi rebate program follows this law.


List of Rebate Applications Received

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When will my rebate be sent?
I missed the application period. Can I still apply?
How do I estimate my rebate?
How do I know if I qualify?
I recently sold my home and bought another home. Which one qualifies for the rebate?
I just recently sold my home in McHenry County after living there and paying taxes for many years but now I live somewhere else. Would I be eligible for the rebate?
I paid my taxes to the County for many years, but now I am not eligible for the rebate. How is this fair?
I own and live in my home, paid my taxes last year, but I do not have the homestead exemption. Do I qualify or what can I do?
My 2017 property taxes were sold at the tax sale but I have since redeemed them. Am I still eligible?
Will this rebate affect Valley Hi's ability to operate?
What happens if I qualify but choose not to apply for my rebate?
I submitted my application some time ago but I have not heard anything. What should I expect?
Can I automatically apply my rebate to my 2018 property taxes?
Do I need to claim my rebate on my 2019 income taxes?
Where can I get answers to other questions that weren't addressed here?