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Advance Tax

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 Advance Tax


Program Closed


The program allows you to make a prepayment towards your property taxes for the next tax year.   

In order to participate in advance tax you need to:

  • Fill out and sign the Advance Tax Agreement and return it to our office with a check payable to McHenry County Collector by close of business on a date to be determined later.  Postmark is not acceptable.
  • A separate check and Advance Tax Agreement is required for each parcel.
  • You must pay any outstanding balances by the due date. Failure to do so may result in a tax sale on your property.
  • The Treasurer and staff offer no information on the tax benefits of this advance tax payment. The property owner should contact a tax professional for this purpose.
  • Pre-payment is not recommended if you are selling your home.
  • For additional information please review the Advance Tax Agreement. If you have any questions, please call our office at 815-334-4260.
  • Please send all payments addressed as follows:

McHenry County Collector
2200 N. Seminary Ave
Woodstock IL 60098
Attention: Karla/Colleen