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Pace Fixed Bus Routes

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Routes: 806, 807, 808, 809, & 550

In addition to MCRide, there are three Pace fixed bus routes and one Pace commuter shuttle bus route in McHenry County. The benefits of riding the fixed bus routes is not having to call ahead to schedule your trip and, depending on the distance, they are usually less expensive for the rider.

Pace Fixed Bus Routes

The fixed bus routes run on a schedule Monday through Friday. With increased service during morning and evening rush hour.

To download the Pace bus schedules, click on the links below:

Pace Route 806 (Crystal Lake to McHenry/Johnsburg to Fox Lake)

Pace Route 807* (Woodstock to McHenry)

Pace Route 808* (Harvard to Woodstock to Crystal Lake)

Pace Route 550 (Elgin to Crystal Lake)
* Please note, effective January 29, 2018 there will be changes to the 807 and 808 schedules. Click here to learn more.

Pace Commuter Shuttle Bus Route

The commuter shuttle runs Monday through Friday, with two runs in the morning (5:30 AM - 7:00 AM) and two runs in the evening (6:00 PM - 7:30 PM). The Commuter Shuttle runs between Richmond and the Fox Lake Metra Station, meeting up with the Pace Bus Routes 806 (Crystal Lake to Fox Lake Metra) and 570 (Fox Lake Metra to College of Lake County).

To download the Pace bus schedule, click on the link below:

Pace Route 809 (Richmond to Fox Lake Metra Station)

807 Bus Shelter Administration

RTA Free/Reduced Fare Permits for Seniors & Disabled Persons

Another benefit of the Pace fixed bus routes, is that they accept the RTA Free/Reduced Fare Permits for Seniors (over 65) and disabled (over 16). You must register for the program and provide documentation to receive the discount.

Pace ADA Paratransit

Pace Suburban Bus is required by the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act to provide customers whose disability or health condition prevent them from using Pace fixed-route services for some or all of their travel. Only persons certified by the RTA are eligible to ride ADA Paratransit. Service area is within 3/4 of a mile of Routes: 806, 807, 808, & 550.

Pace Bus 807 shelter at the McHenry County Administration Building