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McHenry County Adopt-A-Highway Program     

The McHenry County Adopt-A-Highway Program is a volunteer effort to eliminate litter along sections of County Roads. The Adopt-A-Highway Program started in McHenry County in 1995. Our goal is to have all roads adopted.  Volunteer groups adopt a one-half mile to two mile section of highway for a two year period. A minimum of four trash collections are required per year.


Adopt and your group name here

Benefits to participating in the Adopt-A-Highway Program

● Your organization can gain recognition from thousands of potential customers or new members driving by your sign every day on McHenry County’s busiest highways 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

● Visitors and residents will see your organization’s name supporting an important environmental issue.

● Provides a clean environment, gives civic pride to the community, serves as a reminder not to litter and saves tax-payers money

● Receive badges or credit for volunteering from your scouting, school, church or other civic group!

Program Information

Any sign you see like above with "YOUR GROUP NAME HERE"  is available for adoption. 

PICT0144 MR Road Clean-Up.2Geocachers


For more information about the Adopt-A-Highway Program

or questions feel free to contact:


Phone number: (815) 334-4970




Adopt-A-Highway Training Video




Construction (Interactive Viewer)

Interactive Construction Map

Consruction Viewer


Illinois Department of Transportation

For Assistance with an Illinois Department Transportation Road please click here.

Getting Around Illinois Traveler Information:
Getting Around Illinois is a web-based interactive mapping site that provides the ability to search and display several sources of transportation data. You can find information on, annual average daily traffic, road construction, trucking routes, and planned road projects. Click on the image below to begin your search.                                                
Getting around

IDOT Current Road Construction Information
You can view projects in a table format.  You can sort by County and select McHenry to see what’s happening.
IDOT Current Construction

Road Closures


Illinois Tollway
 Illinois Tollway  Illinois Tollway Projects Website 



Nondedicated Subdivision Roads Construction Program

eNotifications are here for McHenry County Nondedicated Subdivision Roads. They are designed to keep you informed about news updates or future programs. On the eNotification Signup page, be sure to check the category named 
MCDOT Nondedicated Sub Rds.Non-dedicated Subdivision Roads

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Original County Board Resolution NSR Road Construction Program August 2, 2016                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
 Current NSR Maps that are now County Highways December 8, 2016 

Current McHenry County Jurisdiction Listing Reflects Maps above

Interactive Nondedicated Subdivision Road Map

NSR Map Viewer Picture

IDOT Acceptance Letter for McHenry County NSR 

NSR Letter to IDOT - October 24, 2016
NSR Letter to IDOT - October 17, 2016 

Township Highway Commissioners Listing

Frequently Asked Questions 


Petitions Submitted by Subdivisions as of December 19, 2016, for NSR Construction Program

Algonquin  Grafton  McHenry  Nunda 
Arthur Traube Fox River Trail Westmoor Gardens Cresthill Improvement Association Boulevard Park
Gardner's Point   Deep Spring Woods Country Woods 
Hayes Road   Fair Oaks Subdivision-N. Emerald Drive  Hales Griswold Lake, Crescent Drive
Indian Grove   Fegers Subdivision Hales Oak and Street Woods 
Korineks Subdivision   Howell Villas  Hucks Riverside and Emerald Park 
LITH Subdivision Unit 12   Lilymoor Homeowners Association Lily Park 
Venetian Gardens    Lilymoor, Crestwood Ave  Rawsons Bridge
    Lilymoor, Ravine Ave Riverdale Deadlow 
    Schaeffer's North Shore, Woodrow Ave Riverside Park Improvement Association 
    Shorewood Association   
    Woodlawn Park Association  


Archived Roads Program, Presentations, and Maps can be found here





Nondedicated Subdivision Roads Maintenance Program

Receive NSR Updates Via EmailNon-dedicated Subdivision Roads



eNotifications are here for McHenry County Nondedicated Subdivision Roads. They are designed to keep you informed about news updates or future programs. On the eNotification Signup page, be sure to check the category named MCDOT Nondedicated Sub Rds.

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NSR Maintenance Program
McHenry County Nondedicated Subdivision Maintenance Program October 15, 2013


NSR Forms Library

Algonquin Dorr McHenry Nunda
Blank Invoice Blank Invoice Blank Invoice Blank Invoice
Contractor Form  Contractor Form  Contractor Form  Contractor Form 
MFT Expenditure Spreadsheet MFT Expenditure Spreadsheet MFT Expenditure Spreadsheet MFT Expenditure Spreadsheet
Matching Hours Form Matching Hours Form Matching Hours Form Matching Hours Form
Purchase Authorization Purchase Authorization Purchase Authorization Purchase Authorization
NSR Application Form NSR Application Form NSR Application Form NSR Application Form


Illinois Department of Transportation
Motor Fuel Tax Documentation and Reporting Requirements
Videos from Training Program

Gravel Road Part 1
Gravel Road Part 2
Gravel Road Part 3 
Pothole Repair
Pavement Patching 
Pavement Rejuvenation
Pictures of Various Cracks 
Slurry Seal
Micro Surfacing 
Chip Sealing 
HMA Paving 

Quick IDOT Links

Bureau of Local Roads Manual
Project Procedure Guide 
Illinois Compiled Statutes
Approved List of Materials 
List or Pre-qualified Firms 
Illinois Department of Labor Prevailing Wage Rate

Additional Videos

Asphalt Paving Inspection, Federal Highway Administration 
This 3 part video that covers asphalt paving inspection 
 Part 1 Preliminary Responsibilities 
 Part 2 Paving Operation 
 Part 3 Problems 
Snow and Ice Control 2002, Illinois Department of Transportation 
This 6 part video that covers snow and ice control from IDOT's perspective 
  Part 1 Plows & Blades 
  Part 2 Spreaders & Spinners 
  Part 3 Forecasting & Chemical Application 
  Part 4 Pre-Storm Preparation 
  Part 5 Plowing Techniques 
  Part 6 Post-Storm Clean Up 

Present Construction

Bridge Rehabilitation

Road Construction 

Deerpass Road Bridge  River Road at Dowell Road  
O'Brien Road Bridge  Randall Road  
Union Road Bridge   

Developer Projects

Planned Construction
 Planned Construction Projects click here
Featured Completed Projects

Time Lapse Videos

Click HERE Charles at Raffel Road Roundabout Web Page

Charles J. Miller Road 

  • The Charles J. Miller Road Bridge was first built in 1988 by the McHenry County Division of Transportation To provide for current and future traffic demand along Miller Road, a second bridge was proposed. The new bridge, built north of the current bridge, was completed in 2013. Taking one year to complete, watch its construction from start to finish in 2.5 minutes.

Charles Road at Raffel Road Roundabout Time Lapse Video  


Johnsburg Road Roundabout Construction


Park and Ride

Virginia Road Park-N-Ride Location Map

McHenry County's First Park And Ride Lot In Lake In The Hills

The purpose of the 105 space parking lot is to offer area residents a place where they can meet up with other people who want to carpool to areas such as the major employment centers in places like Schaumburg and Chicago. For years, areas residents have been using roadsides and shopping center parking lots to fulfill this need. This parking lot offers a free, convenient, secure, lighted location to leave vehicles while people are carpooling. The park and ride lot also offers a bike rack to accommodate those users who may want to access the park and ride lot via the shared-use path which is planned to connect the Prairie Trail parking lot near the Village of Algonquin Public Works facility to the existing shared-use path in front of the Crystal Lake Walmart at Illinois Route 31 and Rakow Road.

By encouraging carpooling, we can help ease congestion on our area roadways by getting more vehicles off of the road, which in turn helps improve air quality. The design and construction of park and ride lot were made possible by federal funds secured in partnership with McHenry County, the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, and the Illinois Department of Transportation. These funds paid for 100% of the design and construction costs for the park and ride lot.  

Location: Route 31 and Virginia, Lake in the Hills, IL 60156 | Google Maps

Virginia Road Lot PicturePark and Ride with cars

Navigating Roundabouts

Getting Around: Navigating the Modern Roundabout


The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) defines a roundabout as a type of circular intersection with yield control of entering traffic, islands on the approaches, and appropriate roadway curvature to reduce vehicle speeds.  

Modern roundabouts are different from rotaries and other traffic circles. For example, roundabouts are typically smaller than the large, high-speed rotaries still in use in some parts of the country. In addition, roundabouts are typically larger than neighborhood traffic circles used to calm traffic. Also, a modern roundabout will have traffic yield rather than stop. This allows more efficient traffic flow through the intersection. 

How to you use a Roundabout?  w400-elements

On approaching a roundabout, decide as early as possible which exit you need to take and get into the correct lane. Reduce your speed. Bicyclists are vehicles and need to share the lane at intersections. Therefore, allow bicycles to enter the roadway from any bicycle lane. The law gives pedestrians the right-of-way in a crosswalk. Yield to pedestrians waiting to cross or crossing on the approach. 

Upon reaching the roundabout yield line, yield to traffic circulating from the left. Watch out for traffic already on the roundabout, especially cyclists and motorcyclists. Do not enter a roundabout when an emergency vehicle is approaching on another leg; allow queues to clear in front of the emergency vehicle.  

Within a roundabout, do not stop except to avoid a collision; you have the right-of-way over entering traffic. Always keep to the right of the central island and travel in a counterclockwise direction. Maintain a slow speed upon exiting the roundabout. Always indicate your exit using your right-turn signal. Watch for and yield to pedestrians waiting to cross, or crossing the exit leg.

Why Roundabouts? Do more to improve safety with less money.

In multiple studies across the United States it has been shown that all crash types have decreased with roundabout as compared to signalized intersections. A recent study completed by our neighboring state, Wisconsin, has shown a 9% decrease in total crashes. The more severe a crash is the greater chance of injury or even death. Because speeds are low in roundabouts, when crashes do occur the consequences rarely result in injuries, while at traffic signals where speeds are higher, the severity of crashes can be fatal.

Roundabouts move traffic safely through intersections with slower speeds, fewer conflict points and easy decision making. Studies from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety show roundabouts provide a 90% reduction in fatal crashes, a 76% reduction in injury crashes, a 30-40% reduction in pedestrian crashes and a 10% reduction in bicycle crashes.

The answer is ROUNDABOUTS.  

For further information enclosed are further resources.

Government and State Resources

U.S Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration


Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Question and Answers 
Lake County Division of Transportation 
Wisconsin Department of Transportation - Rules for Driving a Roundabout 

Other Simulations and Videos

Federal Highway Administration - Modern Roundabouts - A Safer Choice
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety - Roundabout Video
Wisconsin Department of Transportation - Interactive How to use a Roundabout
Michigan Department of Transportation - Video How to use a Roundabout



Five Year Transportation Programs
2019 - 2023 Transportation Program     2018 - 2022 Transportation Program



2017 - 2022 Transportation Program
2016 - 2020 Transportation Program

2015 - 2019 Transportation Program 2014 - 2018 Transportation Program

2013 - 2017 Transportation Program

Long Range Transportation Plans

The McHenry County 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan was adopted by the County Board in March of 2014. If you have any questions about the Plan, please contact Scott Hennings, Principal Transportation Planner, at (815) 334-4985.

 Long Range Plan Image

2040 Long Range Transportation Plan [PDF] (large)

Long Range 2020 Transportation Plan 

It is important to note the County Board approved on October 4, 2005 the transportation components of the 2020 Unified Plan.  The land use components of the 2020 Unified Plan are not the official Land Use Plan for McHenry County.  The current Land Use Plan for McHenry County can be found on the Planning and Development Department’s web site.


Other Plans

Illinois Department of Transportation's Five Year Highway Improvement Program 
Illinois Department of Transportation's Long-Range Transportation Plan