Division of Transportation - Joseph R. Korpalski, Director of Transportation

Maintenance Section

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The McHenry County Division of Transportation Maintenance Section is responsible for the maintenance and repair of 525 miles of the county’s roadway system. 36 employees provide routine maintenance for the safety of the traveling public. Want to know what roads are maintained by MCDOT click here.
Maintenance operations include mowing of county rights-of-way, tree trimming, shoulder grading, installing and repairing more than 10,000 traffic signs, repairing roadway pavement failures and damages; maintaining more than 160 county-owned vehicles and equipment, and maintaining 44 miles of storm sewer to include cleaning and repairing more than 3,500 culverts, 4,000 drainage structures and 32 stormwater detention basins.
Spring Operations
Spring maintenance operations include right-of-way debris clean-up, pothole patching, shoulder grading, snow fence removal, storm sewer cleaning and preventative maintenance on snow plows and winter equipment.
Summer Operations
Summer maintenance operations include right-of-way mowing, tree trimming and removal, drainage and culvert repairs, roadway patching and paving, shoulder grading, street sweeping and traffic signage installation and repair.
Fall Operations
Fall maintenance operations include tree trimming, shoulder grading, storm sewer maintenance, street sweeping and installation of snow fence along county highways.
Winter Operations (more)
Winter maintenance operations include anti-icing, snow and ice removal, tree trimming and preventative maintenance on summer equipment. 
Year Round Highway Patrols
FAST, or Fast Action Service Team, is designed to respond quickly to smaller scope activities and projects without interrupting regularly scheduled crew functions. Their primary responsibilities include garbage removal, dead animal removal, accident clean-up and intersection sweeping and cleaning.