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McHenry County Adopt-A-Highway Program     

The McHenry County Adopt-A-Highway Program is a volunteer effort to eliminate litter along sections of County Roads. The Adopt-A-Highway Program started in McHenry County in 1995. Our goal is to have all roads adopted.  Volunteer groups adopt a one-half mile to two mile section of highway for a two year period. A minimum of four trash collections are required per year.


Adopt and your group name here

Benefits to participating in the Adopt-A-Highway Program

● Your organization can gain recognition from thousands of potential customers or new members driving by your sign every day on McHenry County’s busiest highways 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

● Visitors and residents will see your organization’s name supporting an important environmental issue.

● Provides a clean environment, gives civic pride to the community, serves as a reminder not to litter and saves tax-payers money

● Receive badges or credit for volunteering from your scouting, school, church or other civic group!

Program Information

Any sign you see like above with "YOUR GROUP NAME HERE"  is available for adoption. 

PICT0144 MR Road Clean-Up.2Geocachers


For more information about the Adopt-A-Highway Program

or questions feel free to contact:


Phone number: (815) 334-4970




Adopt-A-Highway Training Video