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Probation & Court Services - Seth Krause, Director

Special Programs

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Home Detention
The Home Detention Program incorporates electronic monitoring and serves as available alternative to secure detention as ordered by the Judge. Prescreening of potential candidates for the program is essential as it works best for selected cases where maximum parental responsibility and cooperation prevail.

Victim Services Coordinator
The victim services coordinator's main responsibility is responding to victims needs and communicate clearly with the victims all case status information whenever legally possible. The goal of the coordinator is to help the victim heal and promote offender accountability and competency.

Public Service
Public/Community Service is a valuable sentencing option. It allows offenders to pay for their crimes by working in the community at no cost to the agency or taxpayers. Public/Community Service also provides an opportunity for an offender to develop skills, which might aid him/her in experiencing a more productive life. Public service is utilized by both the adult and juvenile courts.

Victim Impact Panel
The Adult Division has organized and coordinated the McHenry County Victim Impact Panel Program since its inception in February 1993. The Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists has helped with the program. Participants are mostly D.U.I. offenders; however, some judges have ordered individuals charged with underage drinking and open liquor in vehicles to also attend to deter future law violations.

The panel consists of several speakers who volunteer to relate their personal stories, which usually involve tragic accidents, caused by drunk drivers. Speakers have experienced the death of a family member and/or they have endured serious injuries as well. Hopefully, offenders will realize the potential harm they may inflict if they continue to drink and drive.

The Adult Division is responsible for notifying offenders to attend the panels and keeping records for the court.

Electronic Monitoring
This program is one of several supervision tools used by this department to provide effective services and enhance community safety. The primary purpose of electronic monitoring is to supplement probation officer contact in certain adult and juvenile cases. Electronic monitoring is used primarily by pre-trial supervision, adult IPS and juvenile Home Detention

Some youths, due to the severity of their offenses or their repetitious offending, cannot be sufficiently helped by community services. These youths are processed through an extensive "youth-at-risk" staffing process to exhaust all community program alternatives before placement is considered by the court. Sometimes psychological testing is of benefit in determining which youth will respond positively to residential treatment as opposed to punition.