2030 Comprehensive Plan

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Adopted April 2010


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The McHenry County 2030 Comprehensive Plan establishes a vision for McHenry County as well as a set of actionable goals and objectives that serve as a road map to realizing that vision.  See also the McHenry County 2030 and Beyond Comprehensive Plan Update.  Both the 2030 Plan and the 2030 and Beyond Plan Update are designed to be utilized together.   

The Comprehensive Plan provides long-range policy recommendations for the development and redevelopment of the County’s built form and physical assets as well as for the maintenance and enhancement of the County’s valued natural resources. The 2030 Plan, its vision, and recommendations are intended to serve as a general guide to regional policy and decision making over the course of the next two decades and into the year 2030 ...and Beyond.

The 2030 Plan (86.9 MB, pdf) and a large-format version of the Future Land Use Map (2.2 MB, pdf) can be downloaded here. The 2030 Plan is also available for download in a low-resolution (30.2 MB, pdf) format and as a modified 8.5 X 11 inch version (6.4 MB, pdf).

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