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Plans Currently Under Review

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Water Resources Action Plan (WRAP) Update 
The WRAP Task Force will be updating the county’s existing plan with the most current data and management strategies.  Task Force meetings are open to anyone with an interest in protecting water resources.  [Go to the Task Force website.]

McHenry County residents are fortunate to have ample water resources including groundwater aquifers and aquatic habitats.  However, these water resources are vulnerable and need to be protected or restored so they may continue providing the benefits that we depend on.

The updated WRAP will be a comprehensive guide designed to educate decision-makers from the county, municipalities, businesses and individuals about water resources, the potential threats to those resources, and Best Management Practices that can help protect or restore them.



Adopted Plans and Planning Documents

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2030 & Beyond Plan 
The McHenry County Regional Planning Commission, has concluded that the plan and future land use map need not be rewritten because of slow population growth.  The recommendation, adopted by the County Board in October of 2016, provides new data and a fresh perspective meant to enhance the county’s comprehensive plan and focus implementation on those policies that are most important. The report includes four big ideas to guide land use and development and are presented in a manner to remind us that we all have a vested interest in the county’s future and have a role to play in making it happen. [ More . . . ]  

 2030 Comprehensive Plan Icon] 2030 Comprehensive Plan

The McHenry County Board adopted the 2030 in 2010 and utilizes it to guide its decisions moving forward and serve as an exemplar of best practices, establishing ground rules that all local governing bodies can operate within to collectively enhance the physical and economic health and quality-of-life throughout the County.  The 2030 Plan will also serve to educate residents and create a better understanding of the County’s role in long-term planning for the region’s ultimate well-being. The development community will also be able to utilize plan as a blueprint to help shape the world in which McHenry County residents wish to live in 2030.   [ More . . . ]  

 [Economic Plan Icon]
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, 2016-2020

The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) for the Northern Illinois Region represents a natural evolution of a continued focus on regional collaboration in support of economic vitality. This is the second CEDS for Boone and Winnebago counties, and the first for McHenry County.  Shared industry strengths, transportation assets, and recent regional economic development partnerships form the basis for collaboration. Together Boone, Winnebago, and McHenry counties (collectively called the Northern Illinois Region) are more competitive in the global economy and can better leverage limited local, state, and federal funds to drive job creation and improved quality of life for residents.   [ More . . . ]  

 Fox River Corridor Plan Icon] Fox River Corridor Plan

The Plan presents a vision for the future of a portion of the waterway that connects eight villages, unincorporated communities, and vast expanses of open space.  The plan reflects a shared vision that the natural environment, economic potential, and enjoyment of the river are interconnected.  It builds on planning initiatives at the community, county, and watershed scales that strive to strengthen the health, vibrancy, and resilience of the Fox River and the area it supports.  The plan is a guide  to provide a long-term framework for making informed decisions about conservation, transportation, and development that will influence the river and neighboring land.    [ More . . . ]  

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Green Infrastructure Plan
The McHenry County Board adopted the McHenry County Green Infrastructure Plan in 2012.  This plan embraces a collection of ideas and practices known as ‘green infrastructure’ and, through maps and policy recommendations, presents a vision for countywide implementation. The plan seeks to encourage green infrastructure concepts in land use decisions and new development, and to establish a network of green infrastructure that runs through every jurisdiction in the county.  As such, its success is ultimately dependent upon cooperation and collaboration between the county, municipalities, park districts, land conservation agencies, and residents.   [ More . . . ]  

 [Icon Historic Preservation Plan]

Historic Preservation Plan
The McHenry County Historic Preservation Plan sets the goals, objectives, and strategies to implement the County’s Historic Preservation Ordinance.  The objectives, and strategies fall under five broad goal areas: 1) Locate, designate, protect and maintain the County's historic resources;  2) Foster municipal cooperation; 3) Cultivate public knowledge;  4) Maintain the character of the County through cooperation with developers; and 5) Promote economic development.  [ Download the Historic Preservation Plan  Adobe-icon-15x15  672 kB. ]

 [ Icon Food Assessment ]  

McHenry County Local Food Assessment
The McHenry County Food and Farmland Assessment project aims to support the viability of the local food system and farmland protection in McHenry County.  As a response to significant public input, the McHenry County Agricultural Conservation Easement and Farmland Protection Commission (ACE) formed a local Task Force, which was charged with conducting a comprehensive local food assessment in McHenry County.  Openlands, a regional conservation not-for-profit organization, led the Task Force of local partners and stakeholders including: the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County, McHenry County Farm Bureau, the McHenry County Conservation District, Woodstock School District 200, local farmers, county staff from the planning and health departments, county board members, University of Illinois Extension Service, and interested citizens.
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 McHenry Co. Strategic Plan Icon] McHenry County Strategic Plan, 2017-2020

The Strategic Plan contains County Government goals and objectives, established by the County Board, covering the following broad categories: 1) Leadership and Governance; 2) Organizational Advancement and Services; 3) Quality Infrastructure; 4) Stable Environment and Sustainability; and 5) Economic and Workforce Development. 

The Strategic Plan Report Card provides the citizenry and leaders with updates and a manner with which to measure our progress in achieving the goals set forth in the Strategic Plan.  [ More . . .. ]  

 [WRAP Icon] Water Resources Action Plan (WRAP) 
McHenry County’s prosperity, household success, and natural beauty and bounty are all dependent on clean water. McHenry County’s sole source for all of its potable water needs--including all private and public water supplies--is groundwater. McHenry County’s shallow groundwater resources are a vital renewable resource. Any contamination to the water supply could prove to be detrimental to the county’s health and safety. In the most basic terms, homes and businesses in McHenry County have no value without clean water to drink. Therefore, the natural resources that protect the groundwater resources and contribute to the quality of life for our residents must be preserved and protected. 
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