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Kits have lesson plan binder and most materials to execute lesson plan. They also include additional resource information (books, references, etc.).

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Primary Kit (Grades K-2)

Water - Primary Kit
Contents: Lessons:
  • Water Cycle Poster with tags
  • Inflatable Globe
  • Shower Timers (15)
  • School Yard Watershed "Fundana"
  • Help the Environment - Saving Water book
  • Exploring Earth's Resources - Using Water book
  • Water Dance book
  • The Sedimentator (with corresponding lessons)
  • Nonpoint Source Pollution Prevention binder
  • Project Wet: Conserve Water
  • Project Wet: Discover Ground Water & Springs
  • Siemens - Water Cycle
  • The Blue Planet Globe Toss
  • All the Water in the World
  • Edible Earth Parfaits
  • Watershed Scavenger Hunt
  • Aluminum Foil Watersheds
  • Waste Water Watcher
  • Shorter Shower Contest
  • Water Sense Pledge

Primary NGSS Standards Met:

K-LS1-1, K-ESS3-1, K-ESS3-3, K-ESS2-1, K-ESS2-2, K-PS3-1, K-PS3-2
Disciplinary Core: LS1.C, PS3.B, ESS2.D, ESS3.A, ESS3.C

2-ESS1-1, 2-ESS2-2, 2-ESS2-3, 2-PS1-4, 2-LS2-1, 2-LS4-1
Disciplinary Core: PS1.A, PS1.B, LS2.A, LS4.D, ESS2.A, ESS2.B, ESS2.C, ESS1.C

K-2 Engineering: ETS1-3, ETS1.B, ETS1-1, ETS1-2

NGSS Elementary (K-5) Evidence Statements
How to use this kit to meet NGSS standards


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Elementary Kit (Grades 2-5)

Water - Elementary Kit
Contents: Lessons:
  • Water Cycle Poster
  • Water Cycle Poster with Cityscape and Aquifers
  • Inflatable Globe
  • The Sedimentator (with corresponding lessons)
  • A Drop Around the World book
  • The Kids' Book of Weather Forecasting book
  • Forces of Nature book
  • Discover Floods binder
  • A Drop Around the World Teachers Guide
  • Siemens - Water Cycle
  • Be a Weather and Climate Watcher
  • Prairie Plants and Water
  • Population Connection - Water, Water Everywhere
  • Project Wet - A Drop in the Bucket, Every Drop Counts, Choices and Preferences, Discover Floods
  • Emergency Preparedness - FEMA Ready program, NOAA & NWS disaster forecasting
  • How Water Shapes Land
  • Erosion Investigations
  • Understanding Groundwater
  • Citizen Action with EPA - A Day in the Life of a Drop

Elementary NGSS Standards Met:

3-ESS2-1, 3-ESS2-2, 3-ESS3-1, 3-LS4-4, 4-ESS3-2, 5-ESS2-1, 5-ESS2-2, 5-ESS3-1
Disciplinary Core: ESS2.D, ESS2.A, ESS2.C, ESS2.D, ESS3.B, ESS3.C, LS2.C, LS4.D

3-5 Engineering: ETS1.B

NGSS Elementary (K-5) Evidence Statements


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Intermediate Kit (Grades 6-8)

Water - Intermediate Kit
Contents: Lessons:
  • Inflatable Globe
  • Maps: Major Watersheds of Illinois, McHenry County Highway, County Waste Water Treatment Facilities, Nat. Geo. Precious Water
  • Water Cycle Poster
  • Water Quality Poster
  • The Sedimentator (with corresponding lessons)
  • Your Water Footprint book
  • Hurricanes, Tsunamis & Other Natural Disasters book
  • Critical Trends in Illinois Ecosystems book
  • Focus on Water book
  • Poison Water DVD
  • Geologic Systems as Related to Water Formation in Aquifers
  • Groundwater Movement Between Various Soil Types
  • Project Wet - Plate Tectonics & Watershed Divides
  • Project Wet - Flood Preparedness
  • Project Wet - Discovering Stormwater
  • Stream Table Investigations
  • Illinois State Museum -  Weathering & Erosion Activities
  • Healthy Ecosystems = Healthy Water
  • Waste Water Treatment Discovery
  • H2O Below - Illinois Middle School Groundwater Project

Intermediate NGSS Standards Met:

MS-ESS3-1, MS-ESS3-2, MS-ESS3-4, MS-LS2-1
Disciplinary Core: ESS3.A, ESS3.B, ESS3.C, ESS2.A, ESS2.C, LS2.A

NGSS Middle School (6-8) Evidence Statements



Add-Ons are simply more involved hands-on resources that a teacher might like to "add on" to their unit or their rented kit.

Awesome Aquifer Global Water Quality Experiment Kit
Awesome Aquifer
from The Groundwater Foundation
Global Water Quality Experiment Kit
Thames & Kosmos
The Tapwater Tour Climate & Weather Kit

The Tapwater Tour
from LaMotte

Climate & Weather Kit
Thames & Kosmos
with Kids' Book of Weather Forecasting

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