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Welcome to the McHenry County Schools Environmental Education Program.  My name is Bill Donato and I am the Director of the program.  For the past thirty-three years MCSEEP has provided environmental education to over 600,000 students, staff and parents throughout McHenry County.  As Director, I am excited to continue to work with the schools and citizens of McHenry County on environmental issues.  Our goal is to first make people aware of different environmental concepts and issues and provide the skills to react to them.  This goal relates to our motto: "Inspiring Awareness to Empower Action."  The McHenry County Schools Environmental Education Program (MCSEEP) provides STEM activities correlated to the Next Generation Science Standards pre K-12 grade.  In addition to pre K-12 lessons in schools, we present lessons for home school students, organizations such as scouts, environmental clubs and adults.  We are also encouraging schools to conduct long-term projects collecting data which can monitor environmental and energy trends.  We will also be conducting teacher in-service on environmental topics as well as assist high schools or organizations that work with high school age students to train for the Envirothon Contest, advanced placement biology and environmental science exams.  We plan on holding homeowner environmental sessions that concentrate on what each individual can do to make a difference environmentally.  Please feel free to contact me for details on any of our programs or if you have ideas for us to explore at [email protected]

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MCSEEP received grants from The Community Foundation  of McHenry County which sponsored a hands-on environmental pre-school workshop, curriculum development and implementation of preschool lessons, teacher training and water sampling and biodiversity sampling for teachers and students.  Teachers interested in getting involved in sampling and/or lessons should contact [email protected] . 

Every Fall and Spring 6th grade students are invited to attend a groundwater festival where they learn water principles from professionals in the field.  Please contact the Director for further information regarding how your school can get involved in the festival.

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McHenry County Schools Environmental Education Program reaches out to over 65 schools in McHenry County. Since 1987 we have provided classroom presentations, materials and lesson plans on a variety of environmental conservation topics.

The Trex Challenge has your students, teachers and parents collect single use plastic competing against other schools in the county to recycle and divert single use plastic from landfills and reduce litter in our communities.  Johnsburg Elementary and Clay Academy are the most recent winners of the contest, but involving your school teaches the concept that there is no "away."

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