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Scenic Drives

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Scenic Drive Sign

Ever drive around McHenry County and spot one of those funny little brown signs with the old car? You were driving on one of our official "Scenic Roads"!

View the Scenic Road brochure here.

We have a total of ten designated Scenic Roads. They are...

  • Plum Tree Road - 1.5 miles. Villages of Barrington Hills and Fox River Grove

  • Mason Hill Road - 4 miles. Villages of Bull Valley and Woodstock

  • North River Road - 1.5 miles. Village of Algonquin

  • River Road - 7.5 miles. Marengo and Seneca Townships

  • Pioneer Road - 4 miles. McHenry and Richmond Townships

  • Indian Trail - .9 miles. Village of Lake in the Hills

  • Hillside Ave - 3.5 miles. City of Crystal Lake, Dorr and Nunda Townships

  • Fleming Road- 2.5 miles. Village of Bull Valley, Dorr and Greenwood Townships

  • Greenwood Road - 4.42 miles. Village of Greenwood, Greenwood Township  

  • Tryon Grove Road - 3.9 miles. Village of Richmond, Richmond and Hebron Townships 


We also have published a Scenic Roads booklet  in cooperation with the McHenry County Convention and Visitors Bureau. The booklet includes the descriptions above, a summary of the Scenic Roads program, and a locater map. Two versions of the booklet are available to view / download —

To print as a booklet, set to print as Landscape orientation, duplex (2-sided), and open to the left (short side). Fold in half once printed.

This version views the pages one at a time from beginning to end. 

With the locater map, you can then match them up with the Official County Highway map. The Scenic Drive roads are marked with [SD] symbols on this map.


 McHenry County is a picturesque landscape of expansive vistas, fertile farmlands, ancient oak groves, historic homes, and winding waterways. Roadside land is often the first and most visible land to be converted to residential or commercial uses. McHenry County has taken the lead in establishing the Scenic Streets and Roads Program to recognize roads, corridors, and the surrounding features that create their character. The program distinguishes rural roads and vistas for future generations and applies to all roads located in McHenry County, including city streets, residential streets, and rural roads. The Scenic Streets and Roads Program promotes:

  • A Sense Of Place - by recognizing community identity and quality of life.
  • Resource Preservation - by identifying significant scenic, natural, and historic resources that are often located within road corridors.
  • Economic Development - by generating tourist revenue through the promotion of scenic streets and roads.
  • Recreation - by providing enjoyment for those who appreciate walking, biking, or a country drive for pleasure.

Do you know of (or live on) a beautiful road in the County that might merit a special recognition? Fill out an Application and send it to us. We are always looking for that next great country road to get away on a Sunday afternoon!