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McHenry County Historic Preservation Commission and Relation to Other Agencies

The McHenry County Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) is what is known as a Certified Local Government (CLG), which means the commission comprises the local representation of the National Historic Preservation program.  The overall program authority is the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 (as amended, particularly in 1980), administered at the federal level by the National Park Service. The federal and local responsibilities are connected through the State Historic Preservation Office, which administers the CLG program for the entire state. Local CLGs in Illinois may be cities, counties, towns, or villages.  The CLG Program thus forms a vertical federal–state–local partnership.  The McHenry County HPC also works, horizontally, with local municipal governments, local historic groups, and interested citizens.  The table below outlines responsibilities and programs at the various levels. Also included are key partner organizations that are not part of the Certified Local Government "chain" but are important in promoting historic preservation and historical knowledge.



Agency Level

  Link to Agency Main Page   Functions, Programs, or Topical Areas of Interest
  County & Local Government   

McHenry County Historic Preservation Commission
HPC Facebook page 

Municipal Local Governments

  Local preservation ordinances – County landmark designations – Local landmark designations – Rural SurveysIntergovernmental Agreements and Networking – Local historic district designations;  and –
Local preservation-oriented design reviews (municipalities)
  Local Level (other)   McHenry County Historical Society
• Local Libraries
Local Historic Interest Groups

Local historic society, library ,and museum
See local libraries section below
Various areas of expertise

  State Government   Illinois State Historic Preservation Office
Illinois State Archives (Secretary of State archives)
Illinois Digital Archives (Collections from libraries across the state) 
  State Historic Preservation Office – Certified Local GovernmentsFinancial IncentivesHARGISLaws & RegulationsPreservation Resources
  State Level (other)  


Illinois Association of Historic Preservation Commissions
Illinois State Historical Society

Landmarks Illinois

Northern Illinois Historic League



A non-profit organization of affiliated preservation commissions
A non-profit organization supporting historic research in Illinois
A non-profit organization for the advocation of historic preservation in Illinois
An association of those interested in  local history in the northern portion of Illinois

  Federal Government  


 • National Park Service 


Advisory Council on Historic Preservation


Federal-level Historic Preservation – Certified Local Government Program – Laws & Regulations – Historic Preservation Standards and Guidelines – National Register of Historic Places – Tax Incentives

Advisory body to the President and Congress

  National Level (other)   National Alliance of Preservation Commissions

National Trust for Historic Preservation  

A national non-profit organization of affiliated preservation commissions

A national non-profit organization for the advocation of historic preservation




    Historic Preservation Topics and Links     


    Architectural Styles, Generally—

    Architectural Styles, Residential—

    Barn Preservation—

    Barn Typologies— 

    Cemetery Preservation— 

    Cemeteries in McHenry County (with web pages)— 

    Highways in McHenry County— 

    Historic Preservation Policy and Advocacy— 

   Historic Preservation Directories / Multi-topic sites— 

    Historic Preservation Easements— 

    Historic Preservation Methods and Technology— 

    Histories of McHenry County— 

    Libraries in McHenry County

    Maps of McHenry County— 



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