McHenry County Department of Health - Emergency Preparedness & Response
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Schools & Daycares

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Preparing Schools

Emergency Preparedness and Response Information for Schools and Daycares

Parents or guardians of children in school or daycare and those responsible for elderly or disabled adults in daycare, should ensure their school and daycare providers have emergency response plans in place.

  • Ask how providers will communicate with families during a crisis
  • Learn if they store adequate food, water and other basic supplies
  • See if they are prepared to "shelter-in-place" if need be and where they plan to go if they must get away
  • Find out what their plans are if the facility shuts down at an unusual hour (e.g. are you responsible for picking up your child?)

Parents should talk with their children about what they should do if an emergency occurs at or on the way to or home from school.

For Professionals

If you are an administrator, teacher or staff member, make sure emergency plans are in place. Everyone in your building and under your care should know what the plans and their individual responsibilities are. Set aside time to review and practice the plans. Many of the planning suggestions for Businesses will also apply to schools.

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