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New CMS Rule:

On September 8, 2016 the Federal Register posted the final rule for Emergency Preparedness Requirements for Medicare and Medicaid Participating Providers and Suppliers.  The regulation goes into effect on November 16, 2016.  Health care providers and suppliers affected by this rule must comply and implement all regulations one year after the effective date, on November 16, 2017.

The purpose of this rule is to establish national emergency preparedness requirements to ensure adequate planning for both natural and man-made disasters, and coordination with federal, state, tribal, regional and local emergency preparedness systems.  The following information will apply upon publication of the final rule: 

* Requirements will apply to all 17 provider and supplier types.
* Each provider and supplier will have its own set of Emergency Preparedness regulations incorporated into its set of conditions or requirements for certification.
* Must be in compliance with Emergency Preparedness regulations to participate in the Medicare or Medicaid program.

If you have questions regarding the Emergency Preparedness CMS rule, please contact: Rachel Mintle at 815-334-0217 or email at [email protected].  



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