McHenry County Department of Health - Animal Control
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McHenry County Animal Control does not have the required wildlife permits to deal with any wildlife animals other than those posing an immediate threat/public health issue or those that are sick and injured (i.e. exposure to a bat or bat dwelling counts as a possible public health issue).

For more information about living with wildlife, and resources for wildlife issues, visit the links below.

 General Information:
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How to Avoid Conflicts With Coyotes - Urban Coyote Research Project

 Orphaned and Injured Wildlife:
What to do with Orphaned Wildlife - Howell Nature Center
What To Do If You Find Baby Wildlife - National Wildlife Federation
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Find a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator

Nuisance Animals:
Prevent and Remove Nuisance Animals - Wildlife Illinois


Big Brown Bats 

Bats can carry rabies and can transmit this disease to both humans and pets. In fact, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), bats are the wildlife that most commonly carry rabies in Illinois. Bats are crucial for ecological stability, but can pose a risk to public health if not dealt with correctly. If you have been exposed to a bat or bat dwelling, report it to MCAC by calling 815.459.6222. Photo courtesy of


horse wildlife

For farm animals, equine, licensed breeders, or retail pet stores, call the Illinois Department of Agriculture at 217.524.6858, or visit Photo courtesy of