McHenry County Department of Health - Animal Control

Educational Programs

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Education is a key component of what we do at MCAC. We conduct educational programming in schools, nursing homes, at public events, and more. Areas in which we educate are:

  • Responsible Pet Ownership
  • Local law enforcement collaboration about state, county, and local animal control ordinances
  • Bite Prevention

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Responsible Pet Ownership:


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Collaboration with Local Law Enforcement on Ordinances Regarding Pet Ownership:  

MCAC and local law enforcements throughout the County are collaborating to understand what each department can and cannot do. Laws differ between cities, some adhering solely to Article 6, and others outlining their own regulations. Therefore, communication and education between agencies is necessary. In essence, local police departments are able to enforce laws on a criminal level, whereas MCAC can enforce codes outlined in Article 6 and has the authority to enforce fines.

To read the entirety of Article 6, click here.

Bite Prevention:

Check out our infographic on bite prevention below or click here.

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