Geographic Information System - Nicole Gattuso, Director

Interactive Maps

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Athena (McHenry County Property Information)
Athena is an interactive map that integrates the County's geographic parcel data and tax assessment information. This interactive map provides residents and businesses easy access to property information.  Information such as property owner, assessed value, and property sales can be found.  For more information contact McHenry County GIS at: 
[email protected]
McHenry County Sheriff's Crime Map
The McHenry County's Sheriff's Crime Map is an interactive map that allows public awareness for where crime incidents have occurred in unincorporated areas of McHenry County. This tool provides citizens the ability to report tips on a specific incident to the McHenry County Crime Stoppers. The goal of the Crime Map is to reduce crime through a better-informed citizenry. For more information please contact McHenry County's Sheriff's Office at: [email protected]
PlanDev (Zoning and land use information)
The McHenry County PlanDev Viewer is an interactive map that provides residents and businesses the ability to easily access zoning and land use information. This information includes current zoning, proposed zoning, proposed subdivisions, existing land use, and proposed 2030 land use. For more information please contact Planning and Development at:  [email protected]
McDOT Construction Projects
The McHenry County Division of Transportation (McDOT) Construction Viewer is an interactive map that depicts construction limits. This allows residents to have easy access to what County roads are currently under construction, project cost, contractor, and contact information for the project. For more information contact McDOT at: 
[email protected]
McHenry County TIF Viewer
The McHenry County TIF Viewer is an interactive map that provides residents and businesses the ability to view information related to Tax Increment Financing in McHenry County. This information includes location, TIF name, projected costs, purpose, contact name, and more. For more information please contact the County Clerk at:   [email protected]
NSR Viewer
The NSR viewer allows the public to view Nondedicated Subdivision Roads (NSR) within McHenry County. An NSR is a road that was part of a subdivision platted prior to July 23, 1959 that is not under the jurisdiction of any public agency. Such roads are owned and maintained privately or through a homeowners’ association (also private). For more information please contact the McDOT at:   [email protected]
Historic Documents
The Historic Viewer is an interactive map related to historic documents which include (1) drainage districts, (2) road papers, and (3) historic base maps. The drainage districts were compiled over two years from several public agencies throughout McHenry County. Road papers are historic documents compiled in the mid to late 19th and early 20th centuries. The historic base maps depict McHenry County from 1914 to 2003. It is possible additional information will be added in the future. For more information, please contact McDOT at: [email protected]
Bicycle and Park Trails
The McHenry County Bicycle and Park Trails viewer is an interactive map that provides the public with comprehensive information on the County's bike trail network and points of interest. It is all compatible with any smart phone. The map also allows the County to update information on the trail and routes, incorporate bike trail construction, and detour information to the map. For more information please contact the McDOT at:   [email protected]