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Family Violence Coordinating Council


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McHenry County, IL Crisis Line: 800-892-8900
National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233
Toll Free IL Domestic Violence Help Line: 877-863-6338

GOALS for 2015-2016

Systems Change
Systems change includes goals that effect how the system operates.  System change would include developing protocols and/or procedures and developing tools that address the system response (ex. checklists for law enforcement, screening cards for medical staff, etc.)

GOAL:  The 22nd Circuit Family Violence Coordinating Council will work to improve the systems response to family violence (domestic violence, child abuse, teen dating violence, elder abuse and abuse against persons with disabilities.

OBJECTIVE 1:  To provide models, resources, training and technical assistance to jurisdictions within the 22nd Judicial Circuit.

INDICATOR:  Improved response times; improved multi-disciplinary processes, cooperation and communication; adoption of Domestic Violence Protocol by Law Enforcement agencies.

COMMITTEE(S):  Steering; Court, Law Enforcement and Education; Domestic Violence Court Task Force; Sexual Assault Response Team; Domestic Violence Protocol and Elder Abuse and Abuse Against Persons with Disabilities Training Teams.

OBJECTIVE 2:  To provide greater safety for victims of domestic violence and first responders with an improved procedure for firearms surrender.

INDICATOR:  Fewer incidents of injury or death to domestic violence victims and law enforcement.

COMMITTEE(S):  Steering, Court, Law Enforcement and Education; Firearms Protocol Task Force

ACTIVITIES:   Convene Firearms Protocol Task Force meetings.

Professional Training/Education
Trainings and/or educational opportunities held by the council or a committee for professionals in the field.  This may include full council meetings/symposia, trainings specific to one group, ((ex. law enforcement or school personnel), trainings for committee members.

GOAL:  To improve the knowledge of professionals in the Circuit regarding family violence (domestic violence, child abuse, teen dating violence, elder abuse, and abuse against persons with disabilities.

OBJECTIVE:  To convene a Family Violence Symposium in October 2015 that meets the needs of the 22nd Circuit.

INDICATOR:  Attendance at event; review of evaluations

COMMITTEE(S):  Education Subcommittee of Court, Law Enforcement and Education Committee; Symposium Committee; Substance Abuse Coalition of McHenry County

Community Awareness/Prevention
Community Awareness/Prevention events, newsletters, material distribution are intended to provide information to the community about family violence.  Domestic violence, child abuse and elder abuse awareness events would be included in this section.

GOAL:  To increase the awareness and knowledge of family violence issues (domestic violence, child abuse, teen dating violence, elder abuse, and abuse against persons with disabilities) in the communities of the Circuit.

OBJECTIVE:  To supply all law enforcement officers in the 22nd Judicial Circuit and to those community social service agencies whose clientele may be victims of abuse with prepared packets of materials and information regarding the revised protocols and information to heighten awareness of abuse.

INDICATOR:  With only four police departments not represented in earlier trainings on domestic violence protocols, our hope is for 100% fulfillment.  When the figures are in as to how many police departments attended the elder abuse trainings the same standard and expectation will be held to as well.

COMMITTEE(S):  Steering, Court, Law Enforcement and Education and training teams.



1.  Maintain current membership of Steering Committee and Court, Law Enforcement and Education Committees while continuing to seek out others who would be a benefit to all.

2.  Maintain and increase current relationships with community stakeholders in order to bring about future trainings for the council through financial backing and partnerships.

3.  Seek out additional training opportunities for the council to learn about county populations who may be underserved by current domestic violence prevention, advocacy and treatment programs. (Hispanic, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered, Victims with physical and/or intellectual disabilities.)