DAY 3: First Aid Kit

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First Aid Kits come in all shapes and sizes. You can buy a fully stocked kit or build your own. While a first aid kit will come in handy during a disaster, you may find yourself using it for those non-disaster type events too. Within your first aid kit you can include personal medications and emergency phone numbers. Keep in mind your first aid kit should be stocked with a good amount of materials that match the amount of people within your household.


 Here’s a list of items to consider including in your First Aid Kit:

  • Absorbent compress dressings (5 x 9 inches)             - Adhesive bandages (assorted sizes)

  • Adhesive cloth tape (10 yards x 1 inch)                     - Antibiotic ointment packets

  • Antiseptic wipe packets                                           - Packets of pain reliever medication (81 mg each)

  • Blanket                                                                  - Face / dust mask

  • Instant cold compress                                             - Non-latex gloves (size: large)

  • Hydrocortisone                                                       - Scissors

  • Roller bandages                                                     - Hand sanitizer

  • Sterile gauze pads                                                  - Bug spray / sunscreen / Aloe

  • Oral thermometer                                                   - Peroxide

  • Tweezers                                                               - First aid instructional booklet

  • Cotton Swabs                                                         - Allergy medicine 

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