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September is National Preparedness Month, but getting your family prepared can occur during any month. For most, getting prepared can be an extensive task, but with a little bit of planning and guidance it can be easy. The little things that you can do now to ensure your family is prepared for disasters will be worth it in the end when an emergency occurs.

Below you will find that we have made preparedness easy by splitting up tips into 30 days. How this can be used is either taking a month and preparing each day, or just using all the tips for one day or one week. It’s your choice!!

Making the choice to get prepared can reduce stress, become more resilient, and be ready to face a disaster when it strikes.

DAY 1: Water

DAY 2: Food

DAY 3: First Aid Kit

Day 4: Flashlight & Extra Batteries

Day 5: Severe Weather Shelter

Day 6: NOAA All Hazards Radio

Day 7: Change of Clothing

Day 8: Grab and Go Binder

Day 9: Pet Preparedness

Day 10: Child / Infant Preparedness

Day 11: Emergency Cash

Day 12: Family Communications Plan

Day 13: Basic Training

Day 14: Medications

Day 15: Photos

Day 16: Evacuation

Day 17: Hand Crank Radio

Day 18: Watch vs. Warning

Day 19: See Something, Say Something

Day 20: Travel Preparedness

Day 21: Flood Safety

Day 22: Stay Informed

Day 23: Preparedness Everywhere

Day 24: Personal Care Items

Day 25: Electronics

Day 26: Practice Makes Perfect

Day 27: School Emergencies

Day 28: Functional and Access Needs Preparedness

Day 29: Get Involved

Day 30: Pass It On!