Coroner's Office - Lt. John L. Miller, Interim Coroner

Community Focus

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Although the primary focus of the Coroner's Office is death investigation, we are committed to our role in education, prevention and ongoing family support. We are always available to family and friends to provide support, information, and understanding. We hope that by participating in prevention directed groups, such as the Suicide Task Force, Heroin Awareness Task Force, and Drug Court presentations, we can work to decrease the rising numbers of suicide and drug related deaths in McHenry County. (See statistics) We will continue to focus our efforts in the education of middle and high school students as to deaths involving drugs, alcohol and motor vehicles and about the role of the Coroner's Office in our County. We enjoy meeting Citizen's Police Groups to explain what a death investigation involves and how the McHenry County Coroner's Office works. We gladly assist in training of Police interns, Paramedics and other Medical Personnel, offering tours, Autopsy viewing, and giving an overview of death investigation.


One of the most important parts of our death investigation is NOTIFICATION OF NEXT OF KIN. We want to be able to locate family as quickly as possible AFTER our initial scene investigation. Sometimes this take hours, days, or longer if there is outdated (or no) information available to us at the scene. The Illinois Secretary of State has a website where Illinois residents can register emergency contact information. Please click the Emergency Contact Database icon below to register....

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