Katherine M. Keefe - McHenry County Circuit Clerk, 22nd Judicial Circuit

Payment Amounts for Minor Traffic Violations

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Note: These payment amounts only apply to tickets that do not require a court appearance and are paid without appearing in court. If you are required to appear in court, or choose to appear in court, these amounts do not apply. If you appear in court the judge will set your fine and court costs will be assessed on top of that fine. Effective July 1, 2019, court costs are based on the schedules set for in the Criminal and Traffic Assessment Act.  Minor traffic ticket court costs would be $226.00 (schedule 10) in addition to the fine set by the judge. Major traffic offenses would be $325.00 (schedule 9) in court costs plus the court ordered fine.

Violation BAIL/PAYMENT AMOUNT - date of citation up to 6/30/2019 Bail/payment amount - date of citation 7/1/2019 and greater
Seat belt violation (driver or passenger) $60.00 $164.00
Speeding 1-20 MPH above limit $120.00  $164.00
Speeding 21-25 MPH above limit $140.00  $164.00
No valid registration $120.00  $164.00
Improper passing $120.00  $164.00
Improper traffic lane usage $120.00  $164.00
Improper turn signal $120.00  $164.00
Improper left turn/on coming traffic $120.00  $164.00
Failure to reduce speed $120.00  $164.00
Change lanes without signal $120.00  $164.00
Failure to obey stop sign $120.00  $164.00
Unsafe backing on roadway $120.00  $164.00
Disregard traffic control device $120.00  $164.00
Use of cell phone while driving $120.00  $164.00