Katherine M. Keefe - McHenry County Circuit Clerk, 22nd Judicial Circuit


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Arnold Scott Harris, P.C. - Collection Agency

The McHenry County State's Attorney, in cooperation with the McHenry County Circuit Clerk, has contracted with the firm Arnold Scott Harris, P.C., to assist in the collection of past due fines & fees previously ordered by the Court. Any fines & fees that remain unpaid after 90 days, with no active payments being received on a Circuit Clerk payment plan, shall be charged a 15% delinquency amount on the unpaid balance (pursuant to Illinois State Statute 705 ILCS 105/27.5) and be turned over the Arnold Scott Harris, P.C. for collection.
  • If you fail to pay your court ordered financial sentence, your balance will be reported to the collection agency.
  • If "Judgment" was taken on your court ordered balance of fines and fees, you are still obligated to pay this balance and it will be submitted to the collection agency.

Arnold Scott Harris, P.C., will assess a collection fee (allowable by statute) in addition to your balance due. If you have been contacted by Arnold Scott Harris, P.C., all payments must be directed to Arnold Scott Harris, P.C. or pay online at www.pay-harris-law-firm.com.  All collection questions should be directed to [email protected] or call (312)574-1885.  


Illinois Comptroller Local Debt Recovery Program

The McHenry County Circuit Clerk also turns over unpaid court fines & fees to the Illinois Comptroller's Local Debt Recovery Program.  Amounts due the Court are deducted from payments made by the Illinois Comptroller, including state income tax refunds, state payroll checks & lottery winnings. The Comptroller will assess a collection fee (allowable by statute) in addition to your balance due.  Once the Comptroller withholds funds from your state payment it is held for 60 days to give parties an opportunity to protest the withholding. If your state payment is withheld by the Comptroller and you feel you do not owe this debt, you should follow the instructions on the notice you receive from the Comptroller to protest the offset of your state payment.  The protest process is handled by the Illinois Comptroller.