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Crystal Lake Building

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100 North Virginia Street
Crystal Lake, IL  60014

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Animal Control Building


Animal Control & Adoption Center

Phone: 815-459-6222
Fax: 815-334-4682

McHenry County Animal Control and Adoption Center (MCAC) is the veterinary public health division of the McHenry County Department of Health. MCAC’s Animal Control Officers provide code enforcement of McHenry County’s Animal Control Ordinance Article XVII. Effective animal control activities protect people and pets. Community outreach services include education on dog bite prevention, humane care for animals, and pet adoptions. MCAC houses stray animals for the county, and provides dog licensing.

Animal Control Officers respond to citizen complaints about violations of Article XVII. Each year, MCAC conducts thousands of investigations, ranging from minor code violations to felony animal cruelty. When possible, voluntary compliance is sought through educating owners about animal care responsibilities. If compliance is not obtained, MCAC officers have the ability to issue tickets for violations of Article XVII. Officers also pick up stray, sick and injured animals.

If you are aware of a situation where public health or safety is in jeopardy, or an animal is the subject of neglect or cruelty, you are urged to contact MCAC at (815) 459-6222 to report what you have seen, heard, or experienced. An Animal Control Officer will be dispatched to investigate and follow up on the situation.


Crystal Lake Health Clinic / IBCCP

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Clinic Phone: 815-334-1498 - IBCCP Phone: 815-334-0232
Clinic Fax: 815-334-4637 - IBCCP Fax: 815-334-4687


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