County Government

Administration Building

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667 Ware Road
Woodstock, IL  60098

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Admininstation Building


Assessments Office

1st Floor Suite 106

It is the function of the county Office of Assessments to monitor and direct the countywide valuation of real property for the purpose of real estate taxation.


Auditor Office

1st Floor Suite 105

Maintains and reports all internal financial operations of the County.


County Administration

2nd Floor Suite209

Provides administrative support and implement policies and directives as determined by the County Board.


County Board

2nd Floor Suite 209

The primary function is to establish the various budgets of the County funds and adopts Ordinances and rules pertaining to the management and business of the County Departments.


County Clerk

1st Floor Suite 107

Office functions include: maintenance of county birth, death and marriage records, voter registration, election results as well as tax sale redemption and district rate maintenance.


County Recorder

1st Floor Suite 109

The mission of this office is to record, maintain and to retrieve all real estate records, documents and plats of subdivision in McHenry County.


Facilities Management

2nd Floor Suite 205

Provides professional management and certified technicians to support all County Government facilities and grounds as directed by the County Board.


Geographic Information System (GIS)

2nd Floor Suite 206

Develop and maintain the Geographic Information System of McHenry County.


Department of Health Administration & Vital Records

2nd Floor Suite 207B

McHenry County residents are touched every day in many ways by our services. Every time we eat in a restaurant, need help for health care, or get our children vaccinated for school, the Health Department is involved to make us safer and healthier.

The McHenry County Health Department offers a variety of clinics to the public.

  • Hearing and vision screening for children
  • HIV/AIDS prevention and testing
  • Immunizations
  • TB control
  • Flu/pneumonia clinics
  • Chronic and communicable disease control.
Birth Records
Death Records


Human Resources

2nd Floor Suite 204

Serves McHenry County by developing and supporting our most important resource "our people".


Planning & Development

2nd Floor Suite 208

Department functions include: Building Permitting and Code Enforcement, Community Development, Planning, Stormwater Management, Subdivision Review, Water Resources Management, and Zoning.



2nd Floor Suite 200

The McHenry County Purchasing Department provides procurement services of supplies, equipment, services, and construction requirements for the County of McHenry.


Regional Office of Education

2nd Floor Suite 207A

Our mission is to serve the students, teachers and families of McHenry County to ensure ALL children have access to a World Class education.


Veterans Assistance Commission

1st Floor Suite 100

The Veterans Assistance Commission is an agency that assists honorably discharged veterans, widows/widowers and dependents with short-term financial aid.