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Approved Amendments to the Unified Development Ordinance

Post Date:11/22/2019 1:00 PM

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Amendments to several sections of the
Unified Development Ordinance were approved
by the County Board on November 19th.  
Click here to go to the November 19th County Board agenda / minutes.  
Click here to view the ZBA recommendations (agenda packet).


  Approved amendments, in brief,  cover the following topical areas of the zoning regulations ——

  • Accessory structures — setback clarifications
  • Accessory solar panels — clarifications
  • Setback encroachment for generators
  • Ancillary dwelling units — new allowances
  • Cannabis-related — revised definitions and new uses
  • Towers, antennas, and wireless telecommunications — clarifications; co-locations
  • Nonconforming lots of record — combinations and setbacks
  • Commercial and recreational vehicle storage on residential lots
  • Required off-street vehicle parking rates
  • Legacy Neighborhood Overlay District setback clarification
  • School impact fee (repealed).

 Arrow-R-trspt-blu-20x20 Click here for a detailed "redlined" copy of the changes.


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